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Being FIT & Staying FIT is one of the biggest challenges nowadays especially when everyone is encouraged to stay at home.

Finding the right & effective equipment is also burdensome when you have all your day filled with tasks from work.

Introducing the STRONG ROPE™. This is an explosive whole body exercise equipment that allows you to:

1. Gain muscle

2. Improve aerobic exercise and burn fat

3. Challenges your upper body, core and lower body

4. All at the comfort of your own home!

Most of the popular equipment known to increase power and strength are made of IRON.
But if you want a more intense, fast busting workout, you should definitely ditch the weights and pick up a STRONG ROPE™, the best Total-Body workout you’ll ever try.

STRONG ROPE™ whips you into shape in under 10 minutes with an amazing Full-Body Workout experience.
For years, they have been the secret weapon of football players, mixed martial artists (MMA), and other high-level athletes around the world.
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