Wander UV Portable UV light Sterilizer

Wander UV Portable UV light Sterilizer

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1. EASY TO CARRY:Weighs 31 grams. It's small & easily fits in your pocket or a small handbag.

2. EASY TO USE:Press the On / Off button for 3 seconds. When the indicator turns blue, it indicates that the lamp has started to work. you can use it to scan any object you want to disinfect.

3. ENERGY SAVING: USB rechargeable, built in 400mAh battery, only 3W per hour, can work for 150 Minutes (continuously ). Lifespan expected of up to 10000 hours.

4. SAFETY FEATURE: Built in sensor which turns the device off whenever it is flipped up for user protection.

4. MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Device is portable & can be used to almost anything & anywhere.



1. Ultraviolet rays directly destroy the DNA of Bacteria

2. ABS stable material, durable and long-lasting use

3. 3 min quick sterilizing, simple and high-efficient

4. 360 degree disinfection, 99.99% sterilize, non-toxin

5. Adapter power supply, fast disinfecting

6. Medical-graded UV disinfection, high efficiency

7. The best wave length level to disinfect, destroy the DNA structure of bacteria

1 X UV sterilizer 
1 X USB recharging cable
1 X User manual

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